Tonight, I’ll Find A Way


Tonight was big for you. A twenty first birthday had come flying your way and you expected it to be a lot better now that you were on tour with your brother’s band. You sent your gaze around the bus looking for Zach.  He was sleeping in his bunk. You caught sight of his foot hanging out. 


“I’m hungry!” you heard the Alex complain from the back. You stood up and over to the door he held open.


“Yeah, well deal with it.” You poked at him. 


“You know, I don’t say anything to you when you are on your period.” You looked at him with a shocked face. You laughed at him  so hard that tears started to form in your eyes.


“Excuse me? I think that telling everyone that it’s shark week is kind of doing that. Or when you say the tampon van is in town does it. Then there is the times you say all hail mother, nature has released the demon within Y/N works too.” These things didn’t bother you too much. You knew that being a girl on this four month tour that this was bound to happen.


“Yeahhh….” Alex looked at you and then the floor.


“It isn’t even shark week.” You turned your face which was red as a beet by this point.


“Well, I’m hungry. Make me a sandwich woman.” He ordered and then snapped his fingers. You looked at him and turned around again.


“There is no way in hell that I’m making you a sandwich.” Alex groaned after hearing your response.


“I am not that kind of girl.” You stuck your tongue at him.


“You fail as a woman.” He gave you a blank look, dramatically frowned and fell on the seat next to you.  He was staring into your eyes. You couldn’t take them away. You could feel his hand reaching for yours.


“You do realize that Zack is right there.” You whisphered and pointed to his bunk with your eyes. Alex sighed and stood up.


“Take me to get food.” He whined.


“You realize that I’m not your mother.” You stood up and put a hand on your hip as you said so.


“Thank God, I’d probably be dead…from starvation.” He looked to you again trying to be cute.


“Jesus Louisa, fine lets go to subway. The girls there get paid to make sandwiches.” You stepped out of the bus and started walking towards the street.


“Is there even a subway here?” you looked at him in disbelief.


“We are in Vegas, there must be at least one.” He shrugged at you.


“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” He said. The sky was getting dark and the band played an early set. Tonight was your birthday and the plan was to head out to a club and get you a little drunk. It was a rule that your brother set up. You would not leave his side all night and then you would head back to the bus no later than two in the morning.


“Zack is a party pooper.” Alex nudged your shoulder. His behavior around you lately had been more touchy. You knew that he liked you and you knew that you liked him, but there was a wonderfully watchful brother who was up to date on everything you did.


“Older brothers tend to be that.” You smiled at him. Alex looked around and slipped his pinky around yours hooking you together.


“Hey, let’s go get that sandwich.” He led you down the street.


“Do you know where the subway is?” you tried to keep up with him.


“Hey, we have to run into a sandwich place somewhere.” He looked back at you with a smile. Oh the woes of being with a hungry Alex Gaskarth. You smiled at him with a small blush because now he was full out holding your hand.  He noticed as loosened his grip a little bit.


“You can’t tell Zach about this.” He lifted your intertwined hands. You laughed while blushing. It seemed like this was Alex’s goal today.  He was just living to make you blush.


Just down the street there was small deli. There weren’t many people there which was good. You know you wouldn’t want to be hounded by fans. Alex ordered him self what they called the Vegas Torpedo. You were too nervous to eat so you settled on a extra large tea. You watched Alex dig in to his sandwich.


“I like you.” He said it so nonchalantly. You met his eyes and blushed.


“I like me too.” You smirked at him. He rolled his eyes at you and continued eating.


“I was talking to the sandwich.” He looked up. You shot him a fake glare and acted hurt.


“I’ll just go cry a river and swim in it then.” You stood up and headed for the door. You wanted to see what he was going to do.


“You can’t leave me here. I need to get back to the bus alive.” He motioned for you sit back down.


“You are a big boy, Gaskarth.” You smiled and headed out the door. He followed after you the last bite of his sandwich still being chewed.


“If I get indisgestion, you have to buy me pepto.” He whined at you. You smiled at him. 


“Hey, Alex.” You said seriously stopping in your tracks.


“What Y/N?” he seemed nervous.


“You like me right?” you looked away from him. 


“Well, I’ve only been trying to get you to realize that for the entire tour.” He acted like you should have realized sooner.


“I’m sorry, but Zach…” you started. Alex pulled you into his chest and wrapped his arms around you.


“I’m great at keeping secrets.” He whispered into your ear.


“He’s a hawk.” You hadn’t hugged him back yet. You just rested in his arms. In the middle of the street. 


“Can I kiss you yet?” he looked at you holding your shoulders.


“You just ate a torepedo! I don’t need to know what it tastes like.” You laughed and stepped away from him and grabbed his hand leading him away.


You returned to th bus to see that Zach wasn’t there. He had apparently gone with Rian to do an interview for a small college radio station. Jack was in his bunk sleeping and you were watching the small tv. Alex slipped to the back of the bus to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and appeared in front of you.


“Guess who’s mouth is minty fresh.” He grabbed your face and blew a cool minty breath at you.


“You are the weirdest human on this tour.” You laughed at him. Then out of nothing he pulled you up and kissed your lips. You were shocked but melted into his arms pressing a smile into the kiss. One hand slipped around your neck and the other around your back pressing your stomach to his hips. The kiss was long and uninterruped.


“Yea, your right minty fresh.” You blushed and he kissed you again, this time more with more intensity. A loud puking sound filled the room and you turned your heads in horror.


Jack leaned near the bunks where he wore a smirk. He ruffled his on hair and yawned once. He just watched you guys. You were at least three feet away from Alex and his minty fresh mouth now. He looked at Jack and laughed.

“This is probably going to have stay a secret, right?” Jack said.


“Yea, I know I’m a mind reader and a fortune teller.” He raised his arms and flailed is arms around.


“I always knew you were th most talented boy in this band, Jack.” You ran over and hugged him.


“So this will be our little secret.” You smiled.


“Our dirty little secret.” Alex laughed.



Hey, sorry if this one sucked. feed back please :D 

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